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224 Plaza Dr. Suite C. Williamsville, NY 14221
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Specialty: Guitar, Bass, Piano, Woodwind, Bass

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Jared Tinkham

Experience In The Music Field & Education:
"I always thought of the guitar as the "cool" instrument. My friend bought an electric guitar one day and called me up to come over and check it out. We figured out how to read TAB and learned the really basic riffs from our favorite songs. I immediately went out and bought the same guitar the very next day, and haven't stopped paying ever since. That was when I was 14. I'm 22 now and have completed my Associate's Degree in Music Performance at Monroe Community College in Rochester, NY. I'm also just a few semesters away from completing my Bachelor's in Music Education at SUNY Buffalo State College! I've performed, composed in at least 6 different bands on either guitar, drums, bass or saxophone. I've played in multiple academic ensembles including: Guitar Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Combo, String Ensemble and Chorale. I have been teaching guitar/bass lessons publicly and privately since I was 16. I gig out at least twice a week, and sometimes more. I've had the lucky privilege to study under several incredible professors and teachers like Craig Snyder, Anton Machleder, Steve Greene, Bob Sneider, Matt Michaud, Mel Henderson and Evan Drummond. I've also received a lot of help from other non-guitar professors like John Nyerges, Emily Boyce, Kerry Renzoni, MarkFilsinger, David Shaw, and others."

Favorite Instrument:
"My favorite instrument is the guitar. I love all forms of it (classical, acoustic, and electric); they all have their own advantages and intrinsic attributes that makes it hard for me to put them down! I love the diversity of sound, feel, timbre and styles that come from the guitar."

Why He Enjoys Teaching Music:
"I enjoy teaching for several reasons. I like the feeling of being able to give back to my music community, as so many before me have given to me. When I found music, I really felt awake and alive. I found my purpose in life. I would love to help awaken others and help them on their own musical journeys. Several studies and research show that students with an interest in music or who are exposed to music on a regular basis have better test scores and overall do a better job in school. I also really enjoy teaching because I too, learn from the experience. I learn a lot about myself as a musician, a teacher and as a person."

Why Music Is A Passion:
"From the moment I played my first guitar, I couldn't stop, and it's been that way ever since. Music is my passion because it is my teacher and my tool for expression. Through music, I've figured out everything I like and dislike, but I've also learned why I like and dislike those things. It has also shown me how my personality is linked to my playing, and how to shape and mold that so I can project myself exactly how I want to appear for others. And of course, music provides an outlet for all emotions, how to express and how to convey them."

Musical Inspiration:
"I can be inspired by almost anything. I used to carry around a small notepad and would write down ideas whenever I had them about anything so I wouldn't forget anything. I'm really into Jazz music, and draw heavy inspirations from musicians like John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter, Joe Henderson, Miles Davis, Bill Evans, Wes Montgomery, Barney Kessel, Bob Sneider, McCoy Tyner, and countless others! I also am still really into metal and almost all of it's sub genres. I also really enjoy live performances, of almost any genre. They do something to you that's different from listening to a recording."

Any Other Interesting Facts:
"In addition to all forms of guitar, I can also teach bass guitar, piano, saxophone and drums. I play weekly jazz gigs on Tuesday and Wednesday at Merge, in Buffalo, NY."