We've moved!  We are now in the Dash's Plaza at Hopkins & Klein.

(for GPS):  224 Plaza Dr. Suite C   Williamsville, NY 14221

Are your children going to be part of the band next year? If so, it is important to get them ready before the school year begins. Make sure they have everything they need- including extra support with lessons from Pro Music Center. Whether your son or daughter wants to play the drums, piano or be the first chair clarinet, we can help. 

Come visit us at Pro Music Center in Williamsville, NY at Dash's Plaza at the corner of Hopkins and Klein and meet some of our wonderful instructors. You can our teaching methods and learn about how we can improve your child's skill set on their favorite instrument and improve their confidence in playing as well. Check out all of our musical programs below and sign up for their first lesson.

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224 Plaza Dr. Suite C. Williamsville, NY 14221
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